Monthly Horoscope: Libra, October 2022

Happy solar return, dear Libra!

It’s your birthday season, Libra! The sun is in your sign, and you’re feeling revitalized and focused on your goals for the year ahead.

The sun is symbolic of vitality, creativity, and celebration, making it a dynamic time of year for you! You could be making exciting introductions at this time, especially as Venus, currently in your sign, opposes Jupiter in Aries on October 1. Venus is your ruling planet, so having it in your sign can find you feeling especially in your element! You might feel particularly charming, attractive, and social. And Venus in opposition with Jupiter will only magnify these feelings! Jupiter is the planet of expansion, but also of excess, so be careful not to over-indulge. That aside, Venus’s opposition to Jupiter could make for an especially fun moment in your relationships: Deep connection can take place, and you and your partners (in love, business, or otherwise) feel optimistic and open-hearted about your relationship. Philosophical discussions about wants and values take place, gifts are shared. A desire you have may be fulfilled. 


Mercury retrograde in Virgo ends on October 2 and finally clears its post-retrograde shadow on October 17. Use this time to catch up on rest and quality time alone: Intriguing discoveries about yourself and the world can be made while you’re deep in meditation! Mercury connects with Pluto in Capricorn on October 6, finding you thinking back to conversations and research that took place on or around August 22 and September 27. Profound discussions, incredible revelations, and secrets may be shared at this time! This is also a powerful moment for introspection and connecting with your inner voice. With Mercury retrograde over, discussions that had been delayed or confused can start moving forward or clearing up.

Pluto ends its retrograde in Capricorn on October 8, stirring up intense emotions about your home, family, personal life, or past. But it’s also a powerful time for change and release, especially with this month’s full moon. The full moon in Aries arrives on October 9, bringing a climax to a situation that’s been brewing in your relationships!

Full moons are powerful times for release and can be quite emotional: You’re learning a lot about yourself, your partners, and what you want in a partnership. This can be a liberating full moon; you might feel like you’re breaking free from a dynamic that’s been stagnant or inhibiting your growth. A discussion you’ve been dancing around or a circumstance you were unsure how to address can be confronted straight-on during this full moon. In your partnerships, this is a very powerful moment to create a compromise or leave an old way of doing things in the past. 


Mercury reenters Libra after its retrograde on October 10, finding you feeling chattier, eager to be out and about, and moving forward with plans and discussions that had been put on hold during last month’s retrograde. The sun makes a helpful connection with taskmaster Saturn in Aquarius on October 11, putting you and your creative collaborators on the same page about future plans and shared responsibilities. This also bodes well for your love life, as you get clear on your expectations and standards. In general, the energy is mature and responsible. 

Mars in Gemini squares off with Neptune in Pisces and Mercury opposes Jupiter in Aries on October 12, perhaps finding you thinking back to September 2 and September 18. Mars square Neptune might inspire a lazy atmosphere, and it would be wise to double check facts, avoid jumping to conclusions, and be mindful about exaggerations as Mercury opposes Jupiter. Sloppy work might be done if you’re not mindful! Your schedule might be messy at this moment.

You may feel very frustrated about other people expecting a lot of your time and energy, but you’d be wise to consider whether you’ve been over committing yourself and saying yes to invitations and requests when you should be saying no. Slinking your way out of a situation without addressing it head-on may feel easy, but consider the long-term consequences on your reputation. On that note, notice if other people are making huge promises that they don’t seem to be living up to: You may want to remove yourself from a situation with them or call it out. You might have to be patient with others at this time, especially if you’re traveling or working on a group project… quite a bit may be disorganized!


Venus connects with Saturn on October 14, inspiring a supportive atmosphere and finding you having meaningful conversations about the future and commitments. The sun connects with Mars on October 17, bringing a burst of energy, confidence, and vitality, and Venus connects with Mars on October 18, inspiring creativity and flirtatiousness. The mood might be a touch competitive, too, and as the sun squares off with Pluto on October 19: Watch out for ego clashes and power struggles.

Venus squares off with Pluto on October 20, making it an especially intense moment for you as you come to terms with changes that need to be made at home or in your personal life. During this time, you’re getting clear on your values and self-worth as you break away from a family member or someone who has clouded your perspective.  If you’re in a dynamic with a person who is jealous or manipulative, this could be an opportunity to put your foot down and change things: You don’t have to do this alone, enlist the help of someone qualified to help you navigate any complicated relationships! 

The sun meets Venus and Mercury connects with Saturn on October 22: The sun’s meeting with Venus can mean making an important discovery about what’s truly important to you. It might also find you feeling quite attractive and charismatic! Mercury’s helpful connection with Saturn bodes well for communication and planning for the future. 


Saturn ends its retrograde, Venus enters Scorpio, and Scorpio season begins on October 23: Saturn retrograde ending in Aquarius can bring clarity about which creative pursuits you want to commit to, and what you want out of your love life. Venus and the sun in Scorpio shift your focus to your finances: You may be negotiating a raise, increasing your rates, or reworking your budget. A gift could come your way, and discussions about values, self-esteem, comfort, or security arise in your partnerships. You’re especially appreciative of the relationships where you can be honest when talking about these themes!

A radical shift regarding how you manage or approach things like money, security, belongings, and self worth takes place during the solar eclipse in Scorpio on October 25. A deep feeling of release occurs: Perhaps a fear or anxiety you’ve held will be relieved as you learn new skills or address a problem you’ve been avoiding. Things can have a fated feeling about them at this time, and it’s a powerful moment to take charge of your responsibilities regarding material wealth and security. 

Mercury connects with Mars on October 26, inspiring a problem-solving atmosphere and boosting communication. Discussions move quickly at this time. A profound discussion about the past takes place as Mercury squares off with Pluto on October 27. An intriguing discovery could be made!

Jupiter reenters Pisces on October 28 after spending some time in Aries, finding you exploring which gigs, projects (personal or professional), and duties you want to take on. Your schedule is busier, but it may be energizing or satisfying and expansive in some way. The mood is especially productive, and it’s a powerful moment to try new habits and shift your old ways of doing things. Mercury enters Scorpio on October 29, which may stir up discussion about money. You’re organizing financial paperwork and perhaps reworking your budget. 

Mars retrograde begins in Gemini on October 30: Travel or education goals may shift, you could be reediting work you want to publish, or generally reconsidering how you relate with the world and how you want to make your mark as an intellectual icon. Mars retrograde can stir up discontent that has been festering for a while, and it asks us to take a second look at how we can take action toward, or make emotional space for, issues that incite us. One of your best assets, dear Libra, is your diplomatic tact: It could be put to amazing use at this time as you help mediate and resolve issues.

Good luck this month, Libra, and see you in November!