diego moreno's photography "the last breath" showing a child staring at a scary clown in a flower-printed dress
Photo by Diego Moreno

6 Depraved Images to Match This Cursed Year

We asked our favorite creators to send us their most chilling image.

Halloween is a time for us to test the limits of what we can handle. We seek out ghouls and goblins as a way to playfully taunt death and indulge in the dark side. This year is also a time when seeking out faux-scary things helps distract from the very legitimate scary things happening in the world. SO, in the spirit of celebrating just how cursed 2020 has been, we asked six of our favorite creators to send us their most cursed images.


Diego Moreno


Photo by Diego Moreno

This photograph is inspired by the fears that we live as children and keep secret. Childhood is a disturbing stage that marks us for life. My work is inspired by the individual and collective unconscious, and by the importance of darkness to know our deepest fears.

Diego Moreno is an artist based in Mexico. To learn more about this series, check out Diego’s website. Follow him on IG at @diiegotv.

Juan Alvear

Juan-Alvear_nails (1).jpg

Photo by Juan Alvear

This photo was inspired by the idea of treating nail art like the art of bone carving. Bone carving is beautiful to me because it memorializes the animal through an ornamental and labor-based appreciation for life and death.

Juan Alvear is an artist based in New York and LA. Follow Juan on IG at @nailsbyjuan.nyc.

Danin Jacquay


Photo by Danin Jacquay

When you said “cursed,” this photo came to mind. It's just disturbing in general and I feel like it's something that would be sent in an email

forcing you to forward it or you'll have bad luck forever. This is a dalmation dad, he has a ton of kids so doesn't get much sleep and loves to grill…. humans! 

This is a revenge piece.

Danin Jacquay is an artist based in Los Angeles. Follow her work on IG at @deathcats.

Augustin Hernandez


Photo by Augustin Hernandez

The heartache & suffering we endure from the many lives we live in one lifetime. Stab me in the heart, I'm ready.

You can see more of Augustin Hernandez’s work on IG at @agvstin.




Photo by LustSickPuppy

We don’t 69, We 51

You can find more of LustSickPuppy’s work on IG at @lustsickpuppy.

Colin Shields


Photo by Colin Shields

Uncle Eff, resembling a hairy melted candle, told me to get fucked when I revealed my inspiration.

Colin Shields is an artist based in New Jersey. Follow Colin on IG at @hag_planet.

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