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A New ‘Blue’s Clues’ Episode Will Feature Filipino Family Traditions

Calling it a win for representation, Filipino millennials are excited to see ‘Blue’s Clues & You!’ host Josh cook with his grandmother.
Photo: Courtesy of Business Wire

Filipino millennials are celebrating a win for representation after an iconic Nickelodeon show announced that it would feature Filipino culture in an upcoming episode. 

Blue’s Clues & You!, a reboot of the popular 90s kids show Blue's Clues, premiered last year with new host Josh, played by Filipino-American actor Joshua Dela Cruz. His heritage has not figured in the story much, until now. On its Nov. 20 episode, Josh’s lola (grandmother) is set to make an appearance, one of the rare times a Filipino family will be represented in pop culture. 


According to a press release, the upcoming special episode titled “Blue’s Big Baking Show” will show Josh and his dog Blue making bibingka, a rice cake from the Philippines. 

In a teaser clip, Josh excitedly greets his lola, giving her a warm embrace and even doing the “mano,” a Filipino gesture used as a sign of respect to elders. “It’s my lola!” Josh proudly exclaims. 

As of posting, the clip has already racked up 353,000 views. While the show is geared towards young children, many Filipinos of all ages are now celebrating the episode, stressing the importance of representation. 

Filipino scholar and author E.J. Ramos David wrote: “We have an entire generation of American kids being exposed to a Filipino dude on TV, doing the ‘Mano po’ to his Lola, & making bibingka. My kids are seeing their lives on TV.”

Others have expressed how moved they were to finally see themselves represented in the media. 

Earlier this week, Filipinos were also ecstatic about a Christmas ad Disney released that featured Filipino characters. In it, a lola teaches her granddaughter the Filipino tradition of making parols, star-shaped Christmas lanterns. Before this, in November 2019, Pixar released Float, its first animated short with Filipino characters. 

There are over 4 million people of Filipino descent in the United States and yet Filipino culture is severely underrepresented in the media. A viral video by media company One Down points out that most Filipino actors are usually made to portray other Asian or Hispanic ethnicities in movies and TV. 

The Blue’s Clues & You! episode also marks the series’ first ever ‘Blue Friday,’ which is dedicated to celebrating families. Nickelodeon has partnered with non-profit organization Baby2Baby and will reportedly be making a donation to support their mission in helping children in need.