Monthly Horoscope: Capricorn, January 2021

Happy solar return, dear Capricorn!
January 1, 2021, 8:20pm
Capricorn and Aquarius
Robin Eisenberg

Blessed solar return, dear Capricorn, your birthday season is here! With the sun in your sign, you’re considering how you want the next year of your life to look.

Communication planet Mercury is in your sign at the start of this month too, helping you express yourself clearly—you’re feeling sharp! Your patient approach to communication is attractive to people. Excellent brainstorming opportunities arrive on January 1 as Mercury mingles with Neptune, the dreamer of the solar system, in Pisces. January 4 finds you getting straight to the point in your communications as Mercury meets Pluto—this is also an excellent day for any investigation or research you want to get done. Mercury is the planet of information and Pluto is the planet of hidden things: When they meet, insightful details surface!


A major shift in energy takes place on January 6 when Mars enters fellow earth sign Taurus. This is huge for your love life and your creative pursuits! Mars is all about passion, and in sensual Taurus, you can bet things are going to heat up. Mars is the planet of action, and in hard-headed Taurus, stamina is a theme that pops up at this time—and you have plenty of energy for fun, partying, making art, and making love.

January 8 finds Mercury entering Aquarius and Venus entering Capricorn. Also on this day, the sun mingles with Neptune. Mercury in Aquarius bodes well for communication around finances and security, and sweet Venus in your sign finds you feeling charming and attractive. You’re showing up as yourself in your relationships: If you’ve been feeling wobbly about your worth, Venus entering your sign reminds you exactly who you are! And it illuminates your standards and values, too! The sun’s connection with Neptune boosts your imagination and intuition, and finds you having plenty of inspiring conversations. It’s a great time for journaling or writing some poetry.

January 9 finds Venus connecting with Mars and Mercury meeting Saturn in Aquarius: There’s a harmonious atmosphere, romance is in the air, and a solid energy around communication (especially concerning money) takes place. You’re feeling heard and appreciated! Mercury meets Jupiter in Aquarius on January 11, starting a new conversation about how to bring more health and abundance to your life, but watch out for surprises as Mercury clashes with Uranus in Taurus on January 12. There’s a nervous energy in the air, so be mindful of impulsivity.


We’re all running into walls as fiery Mars clashes with strict Saturn on January 13: Don’t push a situation harder in the hopes that it will go your way. Step back, take a break, and be patient. Fortunately, some easy energy flows, especially in your love life, as Venus mingles with Uranus on January 13, bringing unexpected thrills and novelties. The new moon in your sign on January 13 finds you reconsidering how you want to present yourself to the world this year. This is a fresh start for you, emotionally, and you reconnect with your needs and standards.

Uranus ends its retrograde on January 14, bringing you creative breakthroughs and inspiring you to experiment in your love life. Some unexpected pleasures may arrive, but remember that Uranus is also the planet of surprise, so keep your schedule and your expectations loose. Also on this day, the sun meets Pluto in your sign, which is a transformative moment for you: Pluto is all about rebirth, and as it meets the sun (which symbolizes vitality and creativity), you’re rediscovering yourself and reemerging anew. You’ll especially notice this in your relationships—you’re simply unable to approach things the same way! Mercury begins its pre-retrograde shadow on this day as well, so many of the conversations you have and decisions or plans you make will be revisited and reworked in February, and may not be finalized until after Mercury clears its post-retrograde shadow on March 12.


One of the most critical moments this month is Jupiter’s clash with Uranus on January 17. Your values, ideals, and goals and shifting. You’re a highly goal-oriented person, dear Capricorn, so when you discover that something you’ve been working toward is no longer what you need, you may feel frustration over wasted time or energy! Jupiter reminds us of that old saying, “it’s a journey not a destination,” so remember that your efforts are part of your path, and even though you might be unexpectedly changing course, the experiences you had were valuable in their own way! That said, unexpected opportunities may arise, and this is an intriguing time for matters of the heart, as well as finances…surprises abound!

Aquarius season begins on January 19, finding the sun brightly illuminating the financial sector of your chart, and Mars meets Uranus on January 20, bringing an unexpected burst of creative energy. There is an especially impulsive energy at this time! An exhilarating experience is likely to take place. Mars clashes with Jupiter on January 23, which boosts your energy, but may also shorten everyone’s patience or attention span. Watch out for tempers! A lot could be accomplished at this time, but be mindful of excesses of all sorts. Also on this day, Venus connects with Neptune and the sun meets Saturn, inspiring an atmosphere that is both boundaried and open-hearted. Important commitments concerning cash are made, and sweet love letters are shared. 

The sun clashes with Uranus on January 26, finding you eager to break free of any situations that are limiting your creative or sexual self-expression, and you’re diving deeper into your creative and romantic desires as Venus meets Pluto on January 28. There’s an intensity and magnetism to you at this time that no one can deny! Also on this day, the sun meets Jupiter, inspiring a sunny, expansive atmosphere. For you, dear Capricorn, this is an especially exciting time to focus on your finances; an exciting new venture is likely beginning! Just don’t expect it to take off over night. As you know, the greatest projects take time, and often have to be reworked in the beginning.

January 28 brings the full moon in Leo, finding you releasing the past in an important way, whether that’s paying off a debt, forgiving someone, or gaining closure. This might be a tricky period, but your heart will feel lighter once you’ve released what you need to let go of.

The month wraps up with Mercury retrograde on January 30, which will indeed find you reworking, rethinking, and renegotiating many things! Avoid signing contracts or making important purchases, and watch out for delays and miscommunications. Mercury retrograde is a fine time to pick up projects that were on the back burner, or to purchase something you’ve been interested in for a long time. Items you previously lost may finally be found, but be careful about misplacing things. Paperwork concerning money may have to be redone; double check texts and e-mails before you send them!

Good luck this month, Capricorn, and see you in February!