Monthly Horoscope: Aries, June 2023

Welcome to Gemini season, dear Aries!

The sun in Gemini illuminates the communication sector of your chart, and with Mercury in Taurus ending its post-retrograde shadow period on June 1, you might find that conversations move forward quickly. This can be an exciting time to share ideas, meet new people, reach out to old friends, and generally be out and about! You may be connecting with siblings if you have them, and your neighbors.


Venus in Cancer makes a harmonious connection with dreamy Neptune in Pisces on June 2, inspiring a romantic and potentially emotionally healing atmosphere! A powerful shift could take place in your home or family life. You may find some closure on the past or feel liberated from a heavy emotional burden. A sweet escape of some kind may arise. You and a partner can connect on a deep, spiritual level, and creative breakthroughs may surface.

The full moon in fellow fire sign Sagittarius takes place on June 3, which may bring a climax to a conversation that’s been brewing. Huge news might be shared, secrets revealed. The blunt truth could come to light. You might finally learn what someone really thinks… or maybe you’ll say something you’ve been itching to express! More unexpected news arrives, perhaps concerning money or themes like security, comfort, talent, or resources, as Mercury and Uranus meet in Taurus on June 4.

Venus enters fellow fire sign Leo on June 5, bringing blessings to the romance and creativity sector of your chart! Venus is all about pleasure, and plenty of fun can be had now. Things can heat up between you and a crush, or you and an established lover deepen your connection. Leo is all about heart, loyalty, and integrity, so Venus in Leo stands to be quite a passionate and meaningful time for you. You could also be creating brilliant art and having fun celebrations.


Some intensity may arise on June 5 as Venus opposes Pluto in Aquarius: You might have to set a firm boundary with a friend who has been acting shady or taking advantage of you. Lovers who are controlling or untrusting, or who have an issue with your social life, could also be addressed. Managing these sorts of people isn’t easy, but it’s important to stand up for yourself. Enlist the help of trusted friends and counselors if need be! If you don’t have any people like that in your life, it’s possible that this alignment can simply find you and a friend, lover, or creative collaborator having a real and vulnerable conversation. 

June 11 is one of the busiest days of the month, astrologically: Pluto reenters Capricorn, Mercury connects with Pluto before entering Gemini, and Venus squares off with Jupiter. Pluto dipping back into Capricorn can find you reassessing power dynamics in your workplace. You may be considering how to best wield your power and influence. Mercury’s alignment with Pluto bodes well for conversations regarding money, security, or resources in general. Mercury entering Gemini could benefit logistical planning and hammering out details. This can be an effective time to do research and get answers. Venus’s clash with Jupiter might bring a special gift your way—but do be careful not to overspend!


Communication delays could arise as Mercury squares off with Saturn in Pisces on June 15. You might feel especially lazy or tired at this time, and not be in the mood to make decisions or parse out details. An easier energy flows around communication as Mercury mingles with Venus on June 17, A love letter or message of support could arrive! Saturn retrograde begins on June 17, which might mean reassessing your needs regarding your work-life balance: How can you create space for yourself to have peace and quiet, and to rest?

The new moon in Gemini takes place on June 18, marking a fresh start in communication, and perhaps bringing some new information. New moons are all about new beginnings, and this one could mean examining things from a new perspective and exploring new ways to express yourself. On a more mundane level, this new moon can find you exploring a new neighborhood or learning something about where you live. You could also be reconnecting with friends or siblings, if you have them. 

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The sun squares off with Neptune in Pisces on June 18, which might find people feeling low energy. Flakey behavior abounds and people are particularly sensitive and weepy. A more productive energy flows as Jupiter connects with Saturn on June 19: A dream you have may become something real! The resources you need could be coming together. Jupiter is the planet of opportunity and Saturn of responsibility, and their harmonious connection bodes well for taking advantage of opportunities that come our way.


The sun enters Cancer and lights up the home and family sector of your chart on June 21: You could be moving or rearranging your space, sprucing up your home, reconnecting with loved ones, or eager to entertain guests. Your focus turns away from your career or social life, and toward your closest relationships. Also on June 21, Mercury connects with your ruling planet Mars in Leo, which could mean communications move along more swiftly. A passionate message may be shared. 

Try not to jump to conclusions as Mercury squares off with Neptune on June 25, and watch out for impulsivity as Mars squares off with Uranus on June 26. Misunderstandings could arise, and people might get upset about the most unexpected things. The best way to work with these alignments is to keep your plans flexible, stay open-minded, don’t overthink things, get a second opinion, and find productive ways to express pent-up energy. You might feel easily annoyed, so maybe limit your screen time, get more rest, and visit beautiful and inspiring places, like your favorite beach or museum. You might feel the urge to escape—indulge! Just do so mindfully; don’t flake on your responsibilities or run away from your problems. A vacation may be just what you need to cool down.

Mercury enters Cancer on June 26, kicking up communications about home and family life. Research on the past may be especially productive. Mercury is the planet of communication and Cancer is a sensitive, emotional zodiac sign, so some meaningful discussions about dreams and feelings may be explored.

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The sun connects with Saturn on June 28 and Mercury connects with Saturn on June 30, inspiring a supportive atmosphere at home and in your personal life. You can feel emotionally supported or validated, good about the boundaries or structures you’ve built. Something you’ve done for yourself in the past is paying off, or you may feel a sense of pride about how far you’ve come. Neptune begins its retrograde on June 30, and you’re connecting with your intuition in a deep and meaningful way. You may be exploring your spirituality, your psyche, or your shadow self. Neptune is the planet of dreams, and you’re inspired to examine yours at this time.

Good luck this month, Aries, and see you in July!