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Wiley's Bars Are Sharp as Splinters on JME-Featuring "I Call the Shots"

Eskiboy is back, with a new album in the works for early next year.

Pray for all your friends who'll lose their voices screaming "You know what?? WHAT? I call the shots" in shaky, dancefloor-shot Instagram story videos for the foreseeable future. That's right, kids. Wiley is back, with the first single of his forthcoming album. "I Call the Shots", featuring JME, is a mellow and retiring slow jam designed to be played before bed. Lol no, obviously not. Over a stop-start pounding beat, Wiley and JME (on a cheeky little guest verse) go in strong, reminiscing about how they've risen to their current seats at the top of the grime scene. This is one for the club, one for the pre-game, one that all the clever DJs will already have queued up for their Friday night sets later.


It's also one of those tracks where Wiley's flow comes tumbling out of his mouth in a way designed to make you lose your shit, or at the very least smash replay until you can match him syllable for syllable. He shouts out this year's all-day BBK Takeover event at the O2 in London, lets you know he's grafted to get to where he is and generally stunts. "Change from a yout when I didn't wanna care / Now I got a good understanding / Brace yourself when you hear I've got an album landing," he spits, hinting at Godfather II – it's pegged for an early 2018 release, to follow January's Godfather. The clue's in the name, after all. Anyway, hear the song above, get yourself near an AUX cord to play it again later and start warming up your vocal chords for the shout-alongs.

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