The New 'Disaster Artist' Trailer Is Honestly Pretty Sad

The new footage sheds light on the heavier story behind the making of Tommy Wiseau's 'The Room.'

The Room is arguably the best bad movie ever made, a try-hard drama with a borderline-unintelligible script and D-minus acting that made it a cult comedy. But in the latest trailer for The Disaster Artist—James Franco's movie about the making of The Room—it's clear the story behind the film is a lot heavier.

In the first two trailers for the film, we've already seen Franco as The Room's Tommy Wiseau reenact that "oh hi, Marc" scene and scream "you're tearing me apart, Lisa!" But Thursday's trailer shows Franco teasing out the darker sides of Wiseau, a Hollywood misfit rejected so harshly by the industry he had to film his own doomed movie and fund it himself.

The trailer offers a look at Wiseau's heartfelt, painfully bad performances in acting class, tanked auditions in front of casting agents, and fatal commitment to a movie that's destined to be misunderstood. It also shows him constantly bickering with his buddy, co-star, and Room producer Greg Sestero, played by Franco's brother Dave. Co-stars Alison Brie, Seth Rogen, and Casey Wilson look on as Franco's Wiseau completely melts down on set, in auditions, and pretty much everywhere in between.

Unlike the film it chronicles, The Disaster Artist is actually supposed to be good. It's been lauded as one of Franco's best films, a "hysterically funny" movie with a "giddy, winning balance between hilarity and heart." It was already clear the film should be a riot—but this latest trailer offers a look at what might make it a serious Oscar contender.

The Disaster Artist hits theaters on December 1. Give the trailer a watch above.