'Brutal Minecraft' Lets You Rip and Tear Through 'Minecraft' Like It's 'Doom'

The 'Doom II' mod adds a shotgun and too much blood to every child's favorite game.
'Brutal Minecraft' Lets You Rip and Tear Through 'Minecraft' Like It's 'Doom'
Screengrab: YouTube/Brutal Minecraft

Doom is arguably the best first-person shooter ever released, and Minecraft is by many accounts the best sandbox building game ever released. What if they were combined?

Brutal Minecraft is a total conversion mod for Doom II that combines the glory of popular mod Brutal Doom with the pleasing aesthetic of Minecraft. If you’ve ever wanted to blow apart the brick-people of Minecraft with a shotgun while pixelated blood splatters the wall (no judgement here), Brutal Minecraft is for you.

Doom is 25 years old now but people are still playing it, modding it, and porting it to strange new devices thanks to the developer's decision to make the code open source. Brutal Minecraft is play on Brutal Doom—a mod for the original Doom that made it faster and gorier. It’s important to note that Brutal Minecraft is not a Minecraft game. There’s no building here—just destruction.

Simply, this is Doom II with its graphics reworked to resemble Minecraft. And it looks glorious.

Download the beta for Brutal Minecraft here.