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Travis Scott Has Been Awarded the Key to Missouri City, Texas

"This is better than any award show I've ever been to," the rapper told the crowd in his hometown yesterday.

Travis Scott has been awarded the key to his hometown of Missouri City, Texas. Mayor Allen Owen presented Scott with the key at a ceremony on Saturday, February 10, as part of the city's annual Black History Month Celebration of Culture and Music.

"We've got a lot of stars that come and go in Missouri City," Owen said, introducing Scott. "But we don't have any that still claim they're from Missouri City, other than this man right here." Houston Rockets guard and NBA Most Valuable Player candidate James Harden briefly wandered onstage as Owen talked.

Scott, who became a father for the first time earlier this week, told the crowd: "This is better than any award show I've ever been to. This is actually my first award ever, and I couldn't be more proud."

Scott then broke into a brief, impromptu performance of "Butterfly Effect." Watch the whole thing at the top of the page.

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