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Here’s a First Listen of an Otherworldly New PJ Harvey Track

“An Acre Of Land” is set to appear on the upcoming twisted, weird sibling thriller 'Dark River.'
Daisy Jones
London, GB

You probably know PJ Harvey best for, oh, just her nine studio albums spanning over two decades, each one of them iconic and defining in their own way. But in between thrashing around with a guitar and winning things like MBEs and Mercury Prizes (twice! The only artist to do so), she’s also contributed original music to an array of films and theatre productions over the years.

Which is why her most recent collaboration will come as little surprise. She has collaborated with fellow film composer Harry Escott (Hard Candy, The Road To Guantanamo, Shame) to soundtrack new film Dark River, a socio-realist thriller directed by Clio Barnard called. Most importantly though, the song is a really beautiful creation, which we’re premiering below.

The track itself is called “An Acre of Land” and it's rich, immersive, and full of depth, with Harvey’s voice spread over hypnotic strings and the kind of guitar plucks that make you stare into the middle distance and completely forget where your physical body is. The lyrics are very focussed on nature, which makes sense for a film set on the Yorkshire moors. So yeah, press play and imagine you are breathing in big gulps of fresh, unpolluted air and chasing after sheep.

Dark River will be on general release in the UK from Friday 23 February

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