Watch 'Mario Kart 8' Running in Glorious 4K

Baby Luigi was meant to be supersampled.
August 7, 2017, 3:36pm

The Wii U may be dead but the golden age of Wii U emulation lives on. One enterprising Nintendo fan took the already beautiful Mario Kart 8 and used the Cemu emulator to push its resolution all the way up to 8K. There are 8K monitors and TVs out there, but they're damn expensive.

To make this pretty version of Mario Kart playable, YouTube User Will supersampled the 8K to 4K, a process where the computer renders the game at 8K resolution then shrinks that image to the smaller resolution so it'll fit on the screen.

The results are beautiful but require an expensive PC to run. This user's running Cemu 1.9.0c on a GTX 1080 Ti (around $700) and a Pentium i7-6700K (around $300). Thanks to computing power like that, Mario Kart 8 runs like a dream at 8K with no visible stutters or dropped frames.

"It's all about the CPU," the creator said in a Reddit thread about the video. With a high end CPU, they claims he can even run local multiplayer with two people at 4K and never lose a frame.

They should have picked Toad for the video though.

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