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Ryan Adams Went on a Twitter Tirade Against The Strokes Then Deleted It

He was responding to allegations made in the new book 'Meet Me in the Bathroom.'
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
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A couple of months ago, we reported on an excerpt from Lizzy Goodman's new book about the recent history of guitar music in New York City, Meet Me in the Bathroom, via Vulture. The excerpt in question deals with the complicated mythology of The Strokes, and specifically of their rise, fall, and reputation as the last great American rock band.

In large part, the demise of the band is blamed on the unlikely figure of, erm, Ryan Adams, who is named by a number of the band's members and those around them as playing a part in Albert Hammond Jr.'s heroin addiction (giving rise to the immortal quote "Albert getting into smack was just ridiculous," via former A&R guy James Endeacott). Adams, probably known to most of The Strokes' current fanbase as 'the guy who covered the Taylor Swift album? idk' does get right of reply in the book, but has otherwise kept quiet about the whole thing. That is, of course, until Monday when, giving off a distinctly 'guy who has received something that is NOT what he ordered at a restaurant and who is now going to personally insult all the staff about it' vibe, he took to Twitter.


In a series of now-deleted tweets (is there any sweeter or more salacious way to start a sentence in the year 2017, by the way?), preserved for brevity by the good people at Rolling Stone Adams came for *deep breath* –

Hammond and Hammond's dad:

Abert Hammond is a more horrible songwriter than his dad. If that's possible.
It rains in Sthtrn CA & washes out the dirt
As you were
RA x

This makes me sad because as we have already clarified, Albert Hammond Sr. is an angel who should be protected at all costs. However I do enjoy this Liam Gallagher homage.

Julian Casablancas and his new band The Voidz:

Julian Casablancas: who got you strung out on lasagna tho?

I sold more t shirts last night than people who actually made it thru a single Voidz song, bro
What's he gonna do? Sit on me?

Fat jokes are boring and bad sorry RA x

The Strokes as an entity:

I should've forced them to get addicted to writing better songs. Too bad @thekillers did it for them.

Last Impressions of Actual Songs

This is actually extremely funny, more of this from Ryan Adams at his next roast please. Let's hope the next one doesn't get deleted though – stand by your word, guy. Liam Gallagher would never delete his beeves.

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