Colorblocked Pop Art Paintings Celebrate Californian Diner Culture

A grungy, unassuming taco stand never looked so appealing.
All images courtesy the artist and Minna Gallery. Photos: Alán González-Suman

Bustling crowds roam under the blinking signs for Mexican food joints, advertising quesadillas and tacos. A large, lightbulb adorned sign off the road points the way to fruit-filled cocktail or a budget-friendly motel. Bursting with color and a flat foreground, the creative eye of American painter Emily Fromm flocks to the urban centers of San Francisco, to visually-splendid Cali locales she knows best. Fromm, a native of Southern California and lived in the Outer Sunset District of San Francisco, has a particular penchant for creating pieces with a vintage comic book and poster aesthetic. A clear love for bold lines is accentuated through the graphic nature of her latest painting series, Open Late, which is currently on display at 111 Minna Gallery, focuses primarily on San Francisco in its depictions.


Fromm's solo exhibit will features a dozen pieces of art, showcasing the artist's interpretation of LA's iconic locales. Fromm, as she shares with Creators, holds a love for San Francisco's "architecture, text, giant neon lettering of businesses and storefronts, especially here in the Bay Area, and enjoy finding inspiration so close to home, during my everyday routine." Her works often involve just a handful of colors created from a mix of acrylic and house paint. Prior to putting any paint to panel, the artist completes quite a bit of preliminary sketching, basing off her outlines from her own reference photos, which she constantly snaps on her smartphone while strolling through the Bay Area. Check out more works in Open Late below:

Artists Alphonzo Solorzano and Emily Fromm in front of their co-designed light as part of the Open Late show.

Emily Fromm's solo exhibit, Open Late, is on display through July 29, 2017 at 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco. Find out more about the show, and see other artworks by Emily Fromm, on the artist's website, here, and on her Instagram, here.


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