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Prince Fielder Supersoaks His Family Because He Hates Buying Tampons

If Prince hits that end of the chore wheel again, you best come prepared to get wet.

Maybe Prince Fielder partakes in household errands all the time. Maybe he doesn't—he's a professional ballplayer, and sometimes you get accustomed to that catered life. But based on his saltiness at having to hit up a CVS for some wares, it looks like the man doesn't like it when his name comes up on the chore wheel.

Fielder was sent off to get some tampons and some Listerine by the family, and wasn't feeling it. Maybe he just wanted some company while contemplating gingivitis and that flow/absorption ratio, but he seemed lonely and decided to share his Convenience, Value, and Service escapades with the world.

That's when the ploy came in:

This is a nice take on the old adage about drying the dishes: if you drop one, you won't be asked to do them anymore. If you ask Prince Fielder to do some chores, you're gonsta get soaked. That's just how it goes. Clever strategy.

Now imagine if the rest of his family supersoaked him each time they did him a favor…