This story is over 5 years old.

Well, Well, Well. Looks Who's Back. (It's Alex Cameron)

Watch the L.A.-based Australian wander the Nevada desert before ending up in Vegas (while wearing a very small denim jacket) for a new video.

He's back people! That smooth and sensitive mind behind 2013's indelible Jumping the Shark, which saw a re-release last year and a left a swooning chorus of praise and devotion in its wake. It's the one and only Alex Cameron.

Mere hours ago we met "Candy May", the new single and its video, in which we follow rogue Cameron through the Nevada desert, all the way to Vegas. The setting of Vegas, a la Fear and Loathing, you know, that little 'search for the American Dream', is apt for the Australian who's been on the road for two years. The clip, directed by Meghan McGarry, shows Cameron in his most movie-like state, looking buff, strong and hornier than ever.

Produced by Foxygen's Jonathan Rado, it's got that signature Cameron's croon with a touch of that smooth L.A. pop production. He's venturing into new terrain here, from a washed-up showbiz guy that we saw in 2013's "Jumping the Shark" to an all American 1970's weirdo with sharp production, he's our version of Donald Fagen or a coked-out Joe Walsh, if they both had baritone voices and had a heap of neck-touching sexual intercourse. And of course, like those virtuosos of the 1970s, it's imperative to have a strong, motivational sax solo, and we thank Cameron's business partner and poetic maverick, Roy Molloy, for a goddamn good one on "Candy May".

Watch it below.