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The Female Activist Of The Tembe Tribe (Excerpt from 'Fighting The Amazon's Illegal Loggers’)

VICE News speaks to Puyr Tembe, a campaigner for indigenous tribes, who takes part in patrols against illegal loggers that threaten her family's land.
May 22, 2015, 6:40pm

On the Alto Rio Guama reserve in Brazil, the Tembe tribe has been battling for 40 years to save their land from illegal loggers and settlers. The lucrative timber industry has devastated vast areas of the rainforest and indigenous communities are often the victims, while deforestation around the world has been linked directly to climate change.

As the illegal logging on the reserve threatens to spiral out of control, the Tembe have been forced to take up arms and confront the loggers, sparking violent clashes deep in the jungle.

VICE News speaks to Puyr Tembe, who has taken part in patrols against the loggers that threaten her family's land. She also dedicates her time to campaigning and negotiating on behalf of the Tembe and other indigenous tribes with the government in Brasilia, making her one of the most senior women in the tribe.

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