Father John Misty Can't Stop Dying in the New "Mr. Tillman" Video

Co-directed by Jeff Desom and Carlos Lopez Estrada, the video has Tillman (or Misty, whatever) falling off of a hotel roof onto his own taxi cab over and over again.
April 25, 2018, 4:26pm

"Mr. Tillman," the first single from Father John Misty's upcoming fourth studio album God's Favorite Customer, was as self-effacing as you'd hope and and self-referential as you'd expect a Father John Misty song to be. It was a series of passive-aggressive digs at Tillman, a theoretically real man, but probably more a meta-commentary on personhood or something. Thankfully, it was funny enough to save itself from crawling up its own ass. I whisper this very, very quietly to myself every time I write about the Bearded Ouroboros: This new Father John Misty album will probably be pretty good, actually.


Tillman (or Misty, I don't know, whatever) released the official video for "Mr. Tillman" this morning, and it roughly follows the concept of the song. He's trapped in a loop in a creepy hotel, destined to fall off of a roof and hit his own taxi cab and drive off in terror over and over again. It's co-directed by Jeff Desom and Carlos Lopez Estrada, and it's shot nicely—the dim light of the hotel is disconcerting, the bright light of the fake-outdoors is even creepier. And Tillman is an enthusiastic enough actor to pull this off. Watch the video at the top of the page. God's Favorite Customer is out June 1 on Sub Pop.

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