Cardi B Should Just Replace Jimmy Fallon

Cardi B will make history as the first co-host on 'The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon' on April 9, but she should just take his job if we're being honest.
Queens, US
April 3, 2018, 5:45pm
Screenshot from 'The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon'

Cardi hasn't even dropped her album yet, and she's already slated to make history—again. On April 9, she'll be on The Tonight Show again, serving as the show's first-ever co-host. Somewhere in the woods, Justin Timberlake is wondering why he's never had the honor to do this.

Let's imagine Cardi B as a co-host for a nightly television show as large as Fallon's. Given the comedic chemistry the two had during her last visit, we're sure the Bronx native will find her way to inject the interviews with as many OKURRR's and Owww's as she sees fit. She won the crowd over when she stopped by to promote "Bartier Cardi," and the hustler in Cardi means it's unlikely that she would walk off that set without a job—if that's what she wanted. Also, Jimmy Fallon is slightly questionable. He would have never ruffled Donald Trump's hair under Cardi's watch. Let's be honest, there are way too many white men ruling late night television. She's funny as hell, has a stance on politics, and can rap better than he can. Do the right thing, NBC. Give Cardi the job.

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