Ken Giles Punched Himself in the Face After Giving Up Home Run to Gary Sanchez

The Houston Astros pitcher was, uh, a bit frustrated at his hand in the L against the New York Yankees.
May 2, 2018, 3:54pm
Screen capture via YouTube/MLB

There are lots of ways to deal with failure. And I suppose punching the origin of that failure is one of them. Unfortunately for Astros reliever Ken Giles, that origin happened to be…Ken Giles.

The defending World Series Champions took on the super-stacked New York Yankees last night, and Giles felt like he was to blame for this one. He's not entirely wrong—he did give up a three-run go-ahead homer to Gary Sanchez in the top of the ninth, and was responsible for the other run that put Houston away 4-0. It's a lot to take on as a pitcher, sure, but, uh, maybe not enough to sock yourself upside the head about:

At least now we know the answer to the age old question of bullies and older brothers everywhere: you are punching yourself because you gave up a home run to Gary Sanchez.