How to Make Your Own Weed Bath Salts

(Actual bath salts, not the designer drug.)

Take your self care activities to the next level by soaking in some soothing, homemade weed bath salts.

Bath salts (the body product, not the designer drug) are a medley of mineral-rich salts (like epsom) and essential herbs that you dissolve in a bath for a relaxing dip. Now, you can add THC to the recipe to help relieve muscle soreness and tension and increase blood flow.

Here's what you'll need for the most relaxing bath of your life: weed (4g), scale, grinder, lemon, orange, coconut oil, lavendar (though any essential oil will do!), cheesecloth, hair tie, zester (cheese grater works too!), epsom salts, a jar or container, hot plate (or stove top), pot, toaster oven or oven


Step One: Grind your weed.

Step Two: Spread the weed evenly on a tray or baking sheet and bake it for 30 minutes at 240° F.

Step Three: In a pot over low heat, combine your toasted weed with 3-4 tablespoons of coconut oil. Stir it occasionally for one hour, keeping an eye out so your weed doesn't burn.

Step Four: Zest your lemon and orange into a jar.

Step Five: Cover the jar with cheesecloth and create a sort of pocket to trap the weed. Secure the cheesecloth using your hair tie.

Step Six: Carefully pour the weed-infused coconut oil over the cheesecloth into your zest jar and squeeze the remaining oil from the cheesecloth.

Step Seven: Add a few drops of your essential oils.

Step Eight: Add epsom salt, stir, and voila! Your weed infused bath salts are ready.

To use your new favorite DIY potion, pour a couple of ounces into your tub and hop on in! Obviously, the soak won't get you high the way smoking does, but it will leave you feeling squeaky clean and super chill.