Cleveland Radio Host Said He'd "Eat Horse Poop" if Browns Picked Baker Mayfield

Cleveland-based ESPN talk show host Aaron Goldhammer bet on air that the Browns would not pick the Oklahoma quarterback. (P)oops.
Photos by Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports, Dwight Burdette/Wikimedia Commons

Baker Mayfield went to the Browns and so now the browns are going straight to reporter Aaron Goldhammer's pie hole. Yup, we're talking about poop.

Goldhammer is a talk show host on ESPN Cleveland's radio program the Really Big Show, and he made a pret-ty bad bet with the world—repeatedly on air, for weeks—that there was no way the Browns would pick the Heisman-winning quarterback from Oklahoma. Goldhammer was convinced that the Browns would go for Sam Darnold, and so were a lot of people. So convinced that he said that he'd eat horse shit if the Browns did pick Mayfield.


Here's the exact quote:

As the world would soon find out, Goldhammer had already dug his own shallow, horse-poop-packed grave:

And you better believe that no one was willing to let the man off the hook. Here's a kind gentleman's offering to help in Goldhammer's browns selection:

And yes, Goldhammer's putting the doodie where his mouth is, announcing live that he will follow through with his promise while on air next week:

In the long-run, it'll only bring Goldhammer closer to the rest of his beloved Cleveland team—seeing as how they're constantly eating shit during the season themselves.