All The News You Need To Read This Morning

The low down on what's going on.
Photo by Tom Morris via Wikipedia.

The news is part boring and part overwhelming, so here's a quick list of all the stuff we thought was significant today:

- Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has told everyone to calm down regarding Russia. “To rush way ahead of the evidence being gathered by the police, in a fevered parliamentary atmosphere, serves neither justice nor our national security," he says.

- The White House has imposed new sanctions on Russia after what it calls "cyber attacks" and "election meddling".


- A new poll has revealed that Britons are often putting the wrong things in the recycling, and that millennials are less likely to recycle than older generations.

- A BBC investigation has shone light onto the growing problem of painkiller addiction in the UK.

- Figures from the Department for Education have revealed the university degrees that will earn you the highest and lowest average salaries.

- Topman has been urged to withdraw a clothing line of long sleeve red shirts emblazoned with the number '96' amid criticism that it references the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.

- A food bank in western Germany has barred migrants.

- Finally, today is World Sleep Day.