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Watch Someone Beat 'Super Mario World' in 55 Seconds With a Crazy Hack

YouTuber SethBling posts the first sub-1 minute run using multiple controllers.

You might think you're pretty good at playing Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo, but you're probably not good enough to beat it in 55 seconds.

Technically, no one is. According to, a site that tracks video game speedruns, even the best players need at least an hour to beat Super Mario World if they're not exploiting glitches. However, for a master Super Mario World hacker like YouTuber SethBling, anything is possible.

In a video posted on Wednesday, SethBling explains how he was able to beat the game in under a minute for the first time by warping to credits using arbitrary code execution. It is a shockingly complicated process that SethBling has detailed in full in this Google document in case you want to try it at home, but essentially what he's doing is using multiple controllers to manipulate the game's code into loading the credit sequence players see when they finish the game.

The previous record, set by a player called furious who finished the game in 1:13.32, also took advantage of a credits warp. SethBling's method, which he used to finish the game in 0:54.56, is just faster. The secret, SethBling said, is using a total of four controllers and two multitap devices to input additional code without performing actions in-game.