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Pinky Pinky's "Robber" Will Steal Your Heart, Then Throw It in the Trash

Listen to the new track from the vicious trio's forthcoming EP, and don't miss them tear it up at Girlschool fest in LA this weekend.

Pinky Pinky's "Robber" is one heckuva Sour Patch Kid of a garage tune: First it's sweet, all plaintive guitar strums and lovelorn croons. Then, with a snare-driven build, it grabs you by the throat, kicking into overdrive as vocalist-drummer Anastasia Sanchez serves up some Chrissie Hynde swagger.

We've been stoked about these gals since we premiered their first single, "Ram Jam," last year, when two of Pinky Pinky's members were still in high school. Since then, this no-nonsense trio has been making waves in the LA scene, quickly earning cosigns from the likes of Hanni El Khatib.


On Valentine's Day, they'll be releasing the appropriately-titled Hot Tears EP—from which "Robber" is the second single—on El Khatib's Innovative Leisure imprint, and the band shows no signs of slowing: This weekend, they're performing alongside a stacked lineup of fellow female and non-binary badasses at the third annual Girlschool Festival at LA's Bootleg Theater. Stay tuned to Noisey to hear about their set and lots more from the festival, and get tickets to Girlschool here.

Listen to the premiere of Pinky Pinky's "Robber" below, and pre-order Hot Tears here.

Andrea Domanick is Noisey's west coast editor. Follow her on Twitter.