BlumBros' Ecstatic Raps Show Their Brotherly Love

The Philly-raised brothers who were separated for years by the state reconnected later in life and are now looking towards stardom.
BlumBros standing against a wall.
photo via publicist

There’s a long list of brothers making music together in rap: Master P, C-Murder, and Slikk da Shocka were the foundation of No Limit, one of the most revolutionary labels in the genre’s history. Project Pat and Juicy J’s heyday is one of the most prominent influences on the genre’s current styles while Slim Jimmi and Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd have become one of the most bankable acts today. BlumBros, comprised of brothers Raphael and Cartier Perkins, are looking to join this illustrious list. They’re beginning their journey towards their goal with the release of their first single, “LS6,” which we’re premiering today on Noisey.

Hailing from the Blumberg housing projects in North Philly, the brothers managed to build a strong, lifelong bond despite difficult circumstances. Cartier and Raphael, two of 11 siblings, were separated as children when the Department of Human Services took them out of their home and put them in the foster system. They spent more than a decade seeing each other sparingly. Eventually they reconnected as teenagers as both were starting to find their feet in music, and they both took up rapping in 2016.

“LS6” is the first single off of their debut EP Thank Da Jecks. It’s an energetic, autobiographical song in which Raphael and Cartier boast about how they’ve been climbing their way to this point since spending their childhoods isolated from each other, and by the time it’s over it feels like a both the fulfillment of a prophecy and a gauntlet thrown. The single, along with the rest of the album, is produced by MAKJ, who focuses his electronic leanings into a rap track that fits characteristics of both genres in a way that feels familiar and uniquely of the BlumBros at the same time. Stream “LS6” above. Thank Da Jecks is coming soon.