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Tommy Wiseau Wants to Take 'The Room' to Broadway

And Ben Folds is potentially involved?
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Tommy Wiseau may have spent the past year taking a post-Disaster Artist victory lap, dropping a brand-new movie with Greg Sestero and periodically dressing up as the Joker to do some suitably bizarre Heath Ledger impressions, but apparently that's not enough to satiate the guy's brilliant creative appetites. According to a new interview with Wiseau and Sestero in the Hollywood Reporter, Wiseau has already started working on his next massive project: turning The Room into a goddamn Broadway musical.


"We are doing it as a musical on Broadway," Wiseau told the Reporter when asked about the future of The Room. "I say we, becayse [sic] I hope Greg will be involved, he’s my best friend so I want him to be involved. But we’re going to put a musical on Broadway."

When the Reporter asked him how far along he is in development, Wiseau admitted that making a musical "costs a lot of money," but he seems confident that he can pull it off. "It’s workable," he went on, "I would stay [sic] say maybe two years from today."

Sure, Tommy Wiseau may be a man known to exaggerate and bluff his way through life—see: literally everything that went into making The Room—so him saying it's doable doesn't exactly mean it is. But according to Sestero, there's at least one big musical name interested already, so who knows.

"You know [the musician] Ben Folds? He read The Disaster Artist and wrote to me saying that he was inspired by the story and wanted to turn it into a musical. But again, it’s really tough. Musicals are the toughest thing to get off the ground," Sestero chimed in.

It sounds like Ben Folds is more interested in making a musical about the making of The Room, at least according to Sestero, who compares a potential Disaster Artist musical to "The Book of Mormon," but Wiseau is pretty set on a straight Room adaptation—at least to kick things off. "[The Room] first," Wiseau said, "but there’ll probably be another show about how The Room became The Room, going behind the scenes." Get ready for the Room musical cinematic universe, everybody.

It's unclear when, if ever, we'll actually get to see versions of Johnny, Mark, Denny, and Lisa toss around footballs and sing about pizza orders on the proscenium stage, but if there is any justice in this dark and cruel world, Ben Folds will make it happen eventually. Until then, there's already an unofficial musical adaptation of The Room out there to keep us occupied in the meantime. Oh hai, Broadway!

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