Josh Homme Thinks Melbourne Sucks, But That's Fine Because Josh Homme Sucks

The Queens of the Stone Age frontman talked some trash about Melbourne over the weekend. Shut up, man.
September 11, 2018, 4:05am
Milan Risky/Shutterstock

So, Queens of the Stone Age are on tour in Australia right now, something you might have been alerted to through the general whiff of excrement that's been in the air recently. After playing shows in Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle and Hobart over the past couple of weeks, the band made their way to Melbourne's Margaret Court Arena for two sold out shows on Friday and Saturday, before hopping to Adelaide on Sunday. At the Adelaide show, lead singer Josh Homme decided to talk some shit about Melbourne onstage.


"This is what Australia should fuckin' look like," Homme told the audience at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. "Whenever I come to Adelaide I always think ‘This is what Australia used to look like'. Melbourne’s a fucking mess. It looks like every other big city in the world. This looks like Australia. I’m serious."

These comments are pretty innocuous, but I guess I'm just annoyed that someone who sucks as much as Josh Homme feels that he's entitled to make a judgement call on Melbourne, you know? Maybe Melbourne sucks, but you know what else sucks?

  • Throwing a bottle at an audience member and calling them a "chicken-shit fucking faggot" and a "a 12-year-old dickless fucking turd";
  • Not apologising for using the homophobic slur faggot because you "never said that being gay was wrong" and the rant was "flu-infused", and that's the only reason you used the world;
  • Kicking a female photographer in the face, denying you did it on purpose, then only apologising once someone released a video of you looking said photographer in the face before kicking her;
  • Deleting your sheepish Instagram apology video after posting it.

Melbourne sucks, sure. But not as much as Josh fucking Homme.

Shaad D'Souza is Noisey's Australian editor. Follow him on Twitter .