29 Breakfast-for-Dinner Recipes Because There Are No Rules In This House

And we don’t just mean half a box of Lucky Charms.
29 Breakfast-for-Dinner Recipes Because There Are No Rules In This House

Breakfast eaten for a meal after 12 PM has always felts like a uniquely childish experience, in a good way. Like you were given explicit permission by your mom to do something very bad. Pancakes! For lunch! In the school cafeteria! By god, if that artificial syrup didn’t make the rest of the day taste a little sweeter. Is that why, as adults, it feels so good to buy a box of Reese’s Peanut Butter Puffs and eat them for three meals a day, just because you can? You’re the adult now, and you make the rules! LUCKY CHARMS ANY TIME YOU DAMN WELL PLEASE! TAKE THAT, MOM!!! Let’s lean into that feeling of uninhibited power and authority, and embrace the rebellious breakfast-for-dinner (or lunch) concept. And since you are, in fact, capable of more in the kitchen than putting frozen Eggos in the toaster oven or pouring soy milk over Cocoa Puffs, let’s expand the horizons of what “breakfast” options we have. We pulled together a bunch of our favorite breakfast recipes that would actually make a pretty dope dinner, too. Luckily, all these leftovers would be great the next morning, too.


Breakfast Negroni Recipe

Remember when we said you’re an ADULT now and you can make your OWN RULES? Well one rule we think you should start abiding by is upholding the belief that dinner isn’t complete without a proper beverage pairing, and we think this negroni made with a Coco Puffs-infused vermouth is what you need.

If we could eat chilaquiles for every meal of the day, we absolutely would. And these ones, soaked in fresh-made roasted tomato sauce, are perfect with a simple, sunny-side-up egg on top.

All your favorite breakfast ingredients, but hearty enough to be dinner and simple enough to get you through the days before the next paycheck clears.

Cheesy grits for breakfast is definitely already a thing, especially with some Southern-style stewed collards with thick-cut bacon, so here, our culinary director Farideh Sadeghin subbed in steel-cut oats for the grits, and topped the whole thing with a perfectly poached egg.

Breakfast for dinner means nothing is off-limits, so treat yourself to some sugary, midweek French toast drizzled with marshmallow-chocolate sauce. Sometimes, adulthood rules.

All of your favorite breakfast foods, tucked into a neat little quesadilla, and just as satisfying for dinner as it is for breakfast.

Breakfast Pasta Recipe

Sure, typical breakfast carbs include toast or grits or oatmeal, but who says you can’t put all the things you love to eat for breakfast in pasta? No one, that’s who. Do it.

When the folks from Coquine in Portland, Oregon came to show us how to make this socca pancake with charred veggies and pureed sweet potatoes on top, we could not eat it fast enough. With a perfectly runny egg on top, your meal—at any time of day—is complete.


This traditional Iranian breakfast dish has nearly a pound of spinach and herbs in it, so if you’re looking for a way to get some more green things in your life for dinner, this is it.

Frittata all'Amatriciana Recipe

Pulling all the best things about a salsa all’Amatriciana—chunks of guanciale, sun-dried tomatoes, and Pecorino Romano cheese—and mixing them into a simple frittata base makes for something so tasty it really would be a shame to only eat it for breakfast.

Huaraches Recipe

Just like the Brits eat beans on toast any time they want, we think these huaraches—with an oblong bed of fried masa flour, a healthy schmear of refried black beans, and a fried egg—can and should be consumed whenever the mood strikes.

Breakfast Hash Recipe

This breakfast hash from our pal Matty Matheson is, we think, a form of loaded nachos disguised as a breakfast dish. With Yukon gold potatoes taking the place of the tortilla chips, peppers, onions, tomatoes, cheese and black beans, this is essentially a bar snack with eggs on top. Thus, you should not feel obligated to only eat it in the morning hours.

Your local bagel shop might look at you a little funny if you ordered a bagel and lox sandwich at like 8 PM, so you might as well do a little *deconstruction* and turn it into a salad tonight.

Cajun-Style Baked Eggs Recipe

We maintain that with this much cream, sausage, cheese, and bread, these Cajun baked eggs would put you straight into a damn food coma if you actually ate them for breakfast. Make them for dinner when the siren call of the couch and Netflix is already strong and you can digest in peace.


Make an eggs-in-Purgatory type dish with leftover rice and Linguiça, the Portuguese garlic-and-paprika-heavy cured sausage of your dreams.

Waffles and Caviar Recipe

Ever wonder what its like to eat like a Russian oligarch? It looks like this: buckwheat waffles topped with crème fraiche and excellent caviar. On demand. Na zdrovye!

Sometimes, the best part of a drunken night out with your friends is the breakfast burrito that awaits you the next morning. Treat yourself to it before your night of debauchery for once.

Kottu Roti Recipe

This Sri Lankan dish blurs the line between breakfast and dinner foods so thoroughly, we think it doesn’t really matter when it’s usually eaten, just that it would make a damn fine meal for you tonight.

Ackee and Saltfish Recipe

This right here is the national dish of Jamaica, and for good reason. Serve it up with rice and peas for a full meal.

Biscuits and sausage gravy for dinner might sound like sacrilege in the South, but you won't find any qualms about that from us.

Cheesy Pizza Bun Recipe

Like a cinnamon bun, but for dinner.

This is the elaborate, sophisticated breakfast you’d make for yourself on the weekends if you didn’t usually stumble out of bed at 1 PM like the terrible human being you are. Take the time to make it for dinner instead.

Think of this like your go-to weeknight pizza, but a little more fun because you get to put an egg on it.

Moroccan Scramble Recipe

Top a thick slice of a hearty, rustic bread with perfectly soft-scrambled eggs, spicy merguez sausage topped with an even spicier chickpea salad a la chef Ken Addington of Five Leaves in Brooklyn.


Your go-to bodega order, now in a handy dinner appetizer shape. Serve with ketchup and hot sauce to garnish.

Croque Madame Recipe

Practice your béchamel technique, one of the classic French mother sauces everyone should know, for this decadent and perfect croque madame sandwich.

Who says brunch vibes have to be reserved only for the weekend? Top these easy griddle cakes with ham, eggs, and cheese, and pour yourself a mimosa—you deserve it.

Perfect Waffles Recipe

You know what goes great with a more-perfect-than-perfect waffle for dinner? Fried chicken.

Creamy, cheesy, buttery biscuits and gravy are good all day, every day, and if you make enough biscuits, you can eat the rest for breakfast anyway. Time is truly a flat circle.