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Hellnback’s “Feeling Like” Takes on Colonialism with Indigenous Empowerment

From Wounded Knee to Standing Rock, the emcee's new video warns of "those who try to play us."

"Feeling Like" is the new lead single from Aboriginal Canadian hip-hop veteran emcee Hellnback from his second full-length album tentatively titled #1491. Noisey spoke to Hellnback in 2015 about his experience as an Indigenous artist in Canada and the power of hip-hop as a tool of rebellion and hope. His forthcoming solo record features production by DREC, Eric North, David Strickland.

The "Feeling like" video is filled with images of Indigenous battles faced in the not so distant past, such as footage from the 1973 Wounded Knee incident, the Oka Crisis, and Standing Rock. Produced by Winnipeg's Eric North of Hendo Bros and directed by Kirk Ferland for IndigeNation Digital, Hellnback's melodic "Feelin Like" encourages others to persist through their struggles. "I stay ahead of the pack by watching those who try to play us," he warns on a verse. Watch Hellnback's video for "Feelin Like."