Here's a Super Weird Video for SZA's Maroon 5 Collab, "What Lovers Do"

Somewhere between a Pixar movie and a fever dream.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
September 28, 2017, 4:26pm

Kind of bizarrely, in the same way that them having a song which features Kendrick Lamar is bizarre, Maroon 5 recruited SZA to guest on their most recent single "What Lovers Do." It's like they're aware of how fucked up that is, because they made a really strange video to go with it.

There are CGI dinosaurs, there are jet-skis flanked by dolphins, and there are child versions of Adam Levine and SZA, who, we imagine, are the titular 'lovers' of the piece. You know, maybe this is the epic of our generation. It's part Pixar movie, part weird dream you'd have at the gentler end of a comedown, but somehow—though the song is largely forgettable—SZA's sunny presence and willingness to embrace the ridiculousness makes it work.

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