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Hear a Reflective, Acoustic Spin on Jorja Smith's "On My Mind"

The UK singer proves her versatility on the new version.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

The Preditah-produced "On My Mind" has been one of the standout moments in the early, though already illustrious, career of the Midlands-born singer Jorja Smith. Its playful UKG inflections offered something different to the serious, soulful shapes she'd served up previously (see also: its Kurupt FM-featuring music video), and also showed, above all else, that Smith knows exactly what sounds good right now – pretty crucial if you want to have any music industry longevity at all.


As if to prove her ability to re-invent, however, Smith has now come up with a new version of the track, which played on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 show yesterday. Accompanied by just an acoustic guitar, Smith takes her time over vocals that the original speeds up, luxuriating in a slowed-down chorus, and using the moment to make sure we're clear on just how good her honeyed voice really is. And while this new rendition is more in line with the rest of Smith's material, that she can make garage and soul sound equally as enticing is testament to her versatility.

Hear it above (it's really good!).

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