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I'm Sorry, But Why Are Foo Fighters Opening a Pub in East London?

Good news for dads in hoodies and your high school boyfriend with the wide-legged jeans!
Lead image by Indopug via Wikimedia

Anyone who lives in London knows that, just like any big city, certain areas generally attract different groups of people. In south London you'll find white middle class art school kids brushing shoulders with roadmen and hard-working mums from the black diaspora. In west London you'll find Made in Chelsea extras and people who spend more on coke than you spend on rent. In north London you'll find a cross section of crusty Camden punks, metalheads, the Turkish and Polish communities up near Green Lanes and the spawn of Primrose Hill models. And in east London you'll find a mixture of yuppies, twenty-somethings with septum piercings who can afford daily lattes and the families clinging on against the crashing waves of gentrification and rent hikes. Which is why the decision to open a Foo Fighters pub, in Hackney, this week, is kind of baffling. Why? Why now? Why there?


First, here are the details: The pub will be called The Foo Fighters Arms (obviously) and it will be open for one week, taking over what is usually known as the Dundee Arms. According to the official pub website, "Doors will be open to the pubic on the 15 September to celebrate the release of their new album Concrete and Gold and will host a series of events for both fans and the general public. There will be Foo Fighters beers and exclusive merchandise on sale throughout the week."

So, who's going to go? The thing is, I already know there are hella die hard Foo Fighters fans out there because they've been selling records for literally decades and I also witnessed loads of Dads in hoodies crying during their Glastonbury set this year. With that in mind, maybe the Foo Fighters Arms will be what finally brings the style tribes of London together. Maybe the opening of these doors, in east London, beside the strip club-cum-queer bar and rows of indie coffee shops will be the glue that bonds the rock dads and their hipster kids together. Maybe you will have a reunion with your high school boyfriend who wore the wide legged jeans and the South Park T-shirt. Maybe the people with dyed black long hair will walk arm in arm with the people with alien green undercuts. I dunno dude, just a thought.

You can find out what will be happening on what evenings (a pub quiz! The album launch!) by clicking here.

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