Virgo, June 2018
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Virgo, June 2018

What will June bring, little virgin?
illustrated by Nicole Ginelli

Welcome to Gemini season! You’re currently focused on your career and your life in public, thanks to the Sun shining in the sector of your chart that rules success and reputation. It'll be easy to take care of business on June 1, as your ruling planet Mercury will make a harmonious connection with action planet Mars. This first weekend of June will also be a fantastic time to socialize: Charming Venus will connect with generous and fun-loving Jupiter on June 1 and with dreamy, creative Neptune on June 2, finding you connecting with inspiring people and sharing exciting ideas.


Mercury and the Sun meet on June 5, finding you especially focused (and confident!) when it comes to your professional or public life. This will be a very busy time for communication; however, a lot of overwhelming energy will be in the air during this week, especially in your social life. Venus opposes Pluto on June 5, creating drama between you and your friends, your lovers, or your creative collaborators. It’s so important at this time that you keep your boundaries strong. Watch out for jealous, obsessive, or power-hungry energy, and waste no time cutting abusive people out of your life.

“Talking things out” isn’t going to be easy on June 6, when Mercury clashes with hazy Neptune, or on June 7, when the Sun does the same. People won’t really know what they’re talking about, and no one will really be able to listen clearly either. The energy will be very ungrounded. Use today’s energy to read up on psychic self-defense, to engage in your spiritual practices, or to create art—interpersonal stuff is better saved for another day. Make sure to check in with yourself about your own paranoid or unfounded ideas. Relationships and situations that have been built on shaky (or, more precisely, delusional) ground will be tested at this time.

Mercury, your ruling planet, enters water sign Cancer on June 12, activating a very social sector of your chart and encouraging you to network and join groups that excite and inspire you. The new moon in Gemini on June 13 will bring a renewing energy to your career and your reputation; however, as much as the planetary energy is pointing toward you interacting with the public and socializing, Venus enters Leo on June 13, illuminating a private, secretive sector of your chart and finding you needing some time alone. Leo might be the superstar of the zodiac, but you’re not going to be interested in camera lights flashing in your face during this time. In fact, a secret affair or a weekend spent at hidden location will sound just fab to you. Being hidden away doesn’t mean boring—Mercury will connect with electric Uranus on June 13, promising plenty of excitement.


Mercury opposes Saturn on June 15, bringing disappointing news or finding you facing obstacles around communication. Don’t plan any cute dates or important business meetings for today! Conversations will go nowhere, it will be very boring, or you’ll disagree about everything. Instead, spend time alone focusing on work—that’s really the only way to appease taskmaster Saturn. Things won’t be such a bummer for long: Neptune begins its retrograde on June 18, creating a whimsical energy around your relationships and encouraging you to discuss your dreams, fears, wishes, and insecurities.

A full moon in fellow earth sign Capricorn arrives on June 28, bringing out a big culmination in your creative work and in your love life.

While a weird vibe might be in the air, due to Neptune’s hazy energy, the mood will also be creative. Mercury will harmoniously connect with Jupiter on June 19 and with Neptune on June 20, creating a fun, inspired energy and encouraging you to go out with friends and explore new places and ideas. Artistic blocks will be busted once busy Mercury mingles with these two inspired planets.

The Sun enters Cancer June 21—the summer solstice!—beginning a season of barbecues and picnics. This will be a great time for you to connect with friends and likeminded people. Cancer is the sector of your chart that rules your hopes and dreams, so you may feel like engaging in activism or humanitarian work at this time. As the Sun spends time in psychic Cancer, don’t be surprised if your eagerness to study astrology or other new age subjects increases. Cancer season will find you wanting to get along with everyone, but you’ll likely contend with a few assholes on June 23, when Mercury opposes Pluto, stirring up drama, envy, and power struggles. Don’t let anyone talk you into anything today.


Arguably this month’s most important day is June 26, when Mars begins its retrograde in air sign Aquarius. Expect a big shift around how your daily life is scheduled, as well as around your daily habits. Now is a good time to check in with yourself around health and wellness. If you haven’t done any spring cleaning yet, do it now—it doesn’t matter that it’s summer. Toss out shit you no longer need.

But also give yourself a break: Do not overbook yourself! Mars’ energy will be limp as hell during the retrograde, and over-exertion will not be a good idea. Tidy up and expect changes in your routine, but also allow some breathing room in your schedule. Shifts in your love life and your creative life will also manifest later this summer, before Mars goes direct on August 27.

A full moon in fellow earth sign Capricorn arrives on June 28, bringing out a big culmination in your creative work and in your love life. Full moons are emotional. How will this one feel, since it’s in Capricorn, a sign that’s thought of as being uptight? Well, there still might be plenty of tears; however, Capricorn’s driven and persevering energy will remind us that we’ve been through dark times before, and we can get through them again… and if we’re learned from our lessons, we can get through them more easily than last time! But that doesn’t mean this full moon must be gloomy—some kinky sex may be in the works, too!

Mercury enters Leo on June 29, finding your psychic abilities turned up on a notch and very active dreams coming to you at night. A philosophical breakthrough will arrive once Mercury squares off with Uranus on June 30. Shocking news is also likely—trust your intuition. You’re logical as hell, but you’re psychic as fuck, too, so don’t ignore your gut, little virgin!

See you next month, and good luck!