Marilyn Manson and Courtney Love’s ‘Rick and Morty’ Commentary Is Wild

The phrase "sexual shenanigans" is said multiple times.
Composite by the author via Adult Swim and Wikimedia Commons

"I recently experimented with pouring Equal, the sugar substitute, on my genitals and had an oral sexual encounter, and it made me have ball-and-dick brûlée," Marilyn Manson tells Courtney Love, apropos of nothing. "I regretted it automatically because I couldn't get it off. Because I don't like to shower."

Welcome to the guest commentary on the Rick and Morty season three Blu-ray release, which hits stores and online retailers next week. In the wake of Adult Swim ordering 70 new episodes of the show, viewers will find a treasure trove of awkward behind-the-scenes clips, like the one below of co-creator Justin Roiland directing Spencer Grammar to rip ass in character as Summer Smith. The Reddit crowd will latch onto the commentary tracks for each episode, in which Roiland, co-creator Dan Harmon, and a rotating who’s who of the cast and crew drop subtle hints about season four. Manson and Love aren’t the only celebrities who weighed in on the new episodes. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss suggested a Game of Thrones x Pickle Rick crossover when they watch the third episode with Peter Dinklage, and both musician John Mayer and comedian Russell Brand weigh in on season three episodes as well.


But it’s old pals Courtney and Marilyn who truly shine in a surreal, free-flowing, NC-17 rated convo that, at times, sounds as though the two forgot they were being recorded. It’s a racy, madcap, and ultimately thrilling romp through their psyches.

The sometime collaborators are given free reign to react to the season three premiere, "The Rickshank Redemption," unguided and uncensored, and the two rock icons certainly deliver. During the episode, they cover a range of topics, some of them actually in the orbit of the Rick and Morty ep at hand, but often not. A brief rundown includes: 1) Marilyn’s penchant for making women he’s hooking up with eat a Plan B pill “the night before,” which he calls “Plan A,” 2) The myriad uses of duct tape, one of which is inexplicably “condoms,” according to Manson, 3) The virtue of animating characters with five fingers like Rick and Morty instead of a Simpsons-esque four (better for fingering, you see), 4) an appetite suppressant called Ayds that tanked in the 1980s, and 5) which of the pair’s genitals would be easier to draw with an Etch-e-Sketch (they agree on Manson's).

Which brings us back to Marilyn’s odd habit of putting Equal on his dong. He was inspired by Def Leppards’ “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” naturally. "You do the most weird sexual shenanigans!" Love replies to his admission that he uses the sweetner as a form of hygiene, coining a term—"sexual shenanigans”—heard many times throughout the episode commentary’s 22 minutes.


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"I've been hearing about your sexual shenanigans since 1993," she tells him at one point. Manson shoots back, "I've been hearing about your sexual shenanigans since 1993,” before adopting a loose impersonation of Rick. “You're just listening more, Morty."

In a fairly passable Morty voice, Love replies, "OK, Rick."

It’s not all talk of sexual shenanigans and sugar substitute-coated shlongs. There’s pretty in-depth talk of the show, too, of course. The two are giant fans, and during the ep, they wonder aloud who's sluttier, Morty's sister or his mom (they settle on his sister), the Szechuan sauce phenomenon, Rick's unibrow, and so much more.

"Everyone needs a Morty in their life,” Manson says while watching the character cope with his family. “Someone to just abuse constantly. I always like to keep a few Mortys around."

"Yeah…" Love agrees.

"I think Rick has an empty soul," Love later says as they watch him outwit an alien cop. The two laugh mightily, and Manson points out the irony. "Says Courtney! Says Courtney to Manson!"

Watching the episode with Courtney and Marilyn is pretty fascinating. You learn what pop-culture references the motley duo recognizes and identifies with, which characters they relate to, and generally get to see the show through a whole new set of eyes. Other commentary track might be more informative, and contain Roiland revealing he's got plans for Tammy and Phoenix Person, or that Dan Harmon wrote the final showdown between Rick C-137 and the Council of Ricks in an adrenaline-soaked eight-minute spree that caused the whole writer's room to stop what they were doing and watch. But all things being Equal, Courtney and Marilyn are just as entertaining.

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