Watch a Streamer's Emotional Reaction to Beating All 'Soulsborne' Games Without Getting Hit

Streamer 'The Happy Hob' beat all of From Software's notoriously difficult games back-to-back without taking a hit.
Streamer completes no-hit run of all Soulsborne games
Screengrab: YouTube/The Happy Hob

There are so few pure and joyous moments in gaming and in life that when one comes along, it’s best to take a minute and appreciate it. One such moment came when Twitch streamer “The Happy Hob” completed a back-to-back run through all three Dark Souls games, Bloodborne, and Demon’s Souls without taking damage from an enemy.

On Thursday morning he finally accomplished the feat after months of trying. As the final boss collapsed, The Happy Hob screamed to the heavens. “Soulsborne no hit run,” he shouted. “We did it.” Then he wept, hugged his dog, and thanked his fans and his girlfriend.


Soulsborne (a portmanteau that refers to developer From Software’s line of action games) games are notoriously difficult. They aren’t unfair, but require patience, skill, and some luck to beat. Even a low-level enemy can defeat an overconfident player who isn’t paying attention.

Beating a Soulsborne game without taking a hit is The Happy Hob’s speciality. He famously completed the original Dark Souls without taking damage back in 2016. It was an accomplishment that series director Hidetaka Miyazaki didn’t think possible. Since 2016, Hob has built upon his success, slowly working his way through the Dark Souls series and its iterations without getting hit. In March, 2018, he finished Dark Souls 1, 2, and 3 without taking damage.

After completing a no-hit run of the Dark Souls trilogy in March, 2018, Hob started working on what he called “the God Run”—a journey through developer From Software’s Soulsborne games without getting knocked. According to his rules, he had to restart the entire runthrough if he ever took damage from an enemy or a trap. He got close in February, but failed when Demon’s Souls’ first boss killed him.

You can watch most of the successful run on The Happy Hob’s Twitch channel, where it and past runs are available. There’s ups, there’s downs, there’s a happy puppy given a hug by an emotional gamer. It’s worth watching.

The Happy Hob will start streaming From Software’s newest game— Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice—on Friday.

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