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Alert: You Can Now Watch All of Rick and Morty for Free in the UK

Right now! Seriously! Thanks to a new partnership between Adult Swim and All 4!
Rick and Morty UK All4
Image courtesy of All 4/Adult Swim 

Many things have happened since Rick and Morty crashed into our lives in a big inter-dimensional space ship. Tinder bros have all added "get schwifty" to their bios, there was the whole Szechuan sauce thing, and thousands of hours of the show have been illegally streamed by fans. But that’s all in the past, Morty. One you never need to return to.

The Adult Swim show is now available to stream for free in the UK through All 4, the Channel 4 streaming hub. This makes it the only place you can legally watch the show for free in the UK, with seasons one to three now also showing on IRL television channel E4.

For those who don’t know, Rick and Morty is an animated comedy about a skittish boy and his mad alcoholic scientist grandfather, who together embark on ill-fated journeys through different universes. It’s really funny, and it comes to All 4 as part of a new ongoing partnership with Adult Swim, which is bringing all of Cartoon Network’s TV shows for grown-ups to the All 4 streaming platform, for free. British fans can now watch Robot Chicken, Venture Bros, The Eric Andre Show and more, all without having to use dodgy links on Reddit.

If this isn't enough to sate your Sunday-in-bed cartoon binge craving, you can even see a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the Robot Chicken stop motion creators in action in this episode of the VICE show Nuts + Bolts with Tyler the Creator, also available on All 4. Oh, did we mention VICE is also on All 4? And that all of these box sets are free? No subscriptions, no free trials, just streaming; VICE and Adult Swim and All 4 all living together in perfect hungover harmony? Because good news: they are.