Watch the Trailer for Mindy Kaling's Massive Sundance Hit, 'Late Night'

It is truly, overwhelmingly charming.

Mindy Kaling has already repeatedly proven herself to be one of the best comedy writers and actors on the scene, but her new movie, Late Night, just took things to a whole new level. The film, written and starring Kaling, was one of the biggest hits of Sundance 2019—Slashfilm dubbed it "one of the most beloved comedies of the year" and New York Times said it was "this year’s best shot at mainstream success." Amazon Studios apparently agreed, since the studio dropped a whopping $13 million to pick up the rights.


And now, it looks like we can finally see what all that money was for. On Thursday, Amazon Studios dropped the official trailer for Late Night—and the whole thing looks truly, overwhelmingly charming.

The movie follows Kaling's character, Molly Patel, who takes a new job writing for a late-night talk show host, played by the consistently amazing Emma Thompson. The show's ratings are dropping, so Molly has to step in to give the whole thing a much-needed injection of life before the network cancels it. But as it goes, she runs into problems with the all-male writing staff and Thompson's buttoned-up host, and, well, you see where this is going. Hijinks ensue!

It's a plot we've seen before, but the trailer proves that Kaling's writing is crisp enough, and Emma Thompson is Emma Thompson enough, to make the whole thing work. Thompson is already getting Oscars buzz for a role in a movie that isn't even out until this summer, for Christ's sake. Can we just give her an actual late night show, please?

Watch the trailer above and check out the movie when it hits theaters June 7.

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