Aaand Here is the 80s Rework of The Chainsmoker's "Closer" We All Knew Would Come

Aaand Here is the 80s Rework of The Chainsmoker's "Closer" We All Knew Would Come

Let's all give this never-ending nuisance a little more shelf-life, shall we?
June 21, 2017, 2:56am

Congratulations are in order. To me. From all of you. Because I have been lingering on the TRONICBOX YouTube channel waiting for the best worst best song of all time ("Closer" by The Chainsmokers) to get its 80s rework. Yes, I have a life!!! Just kidding I absolutely don't.

TRONICBOX is a real treat for someone like me. Someone who loves Hall & Oates and Roxy Music and Spandeau Ballet but is also partial to a particularly catchy Top 40 pop song on repeat for eight or so hours. You know? So I really appreciate that there's someone out there turning these Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix-led earworms into basically the soundtrack to Drive. That's right, I'm pathetic and I have bad taste. It's ok I've made peace with it.

So far we've had the pleasure of hearing a slowed and blowed 80s ballad "This Is What You Came For," a life-giving (sorry) "Into You," and quite seriously, the perfect, wonderful, unstoppable slap-bass odyssey, Fifth Harmony's "Sledgehammer." Which, if you've never given it the time of day, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Anyway! No time for that just yet because TRONICBOX has obliged the people their desires and created the inevitable: the 1980s remix of Closer. Listen below if you wanna have a little involuntary cry in your car mid-traffic jam. I didn't. But you might.

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