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Lost Balloons’ New Album Has The Marked Men’s Jeff Burke Turning Up The Pop

Stream Jeff Burke and Yusuke Okada's album of 80s college rock jangle and modern garage/Americana twang.

Many musicians would kill to have a Discogs profile like Jeff Burke and for 15 years the Denton, Texas musician has busted out frantic but highly melodic punk in bands such as Chop Sakis, The Reds, Bad Sports, Radioactivity and The Marked Men.

With Lost Balloons, a collaboration with Yusuke Okada of Japanese band Suspicious Beasts, Burke slows things down a tad without losing any of the energy or melody of previous bands. The project, formed in 2011 while the pair were in Japan and after a 2015 self-titled album return with Hey Summer, an album that utilises acoustic guitar, horns, slide guitar and organ.


Burke tells NOISEY that the Lost Balloons recording process is different from other bands he's been involved in. "We don't have the songs completely worked out before we start recording so there is more room to experiment with instruments and different sounds. This also creates a challenge for when we get out and play these songs live since we don't live near each other and don't get as much of a chance to see what works well as a full band."

As the title intimates, Hey Summer is a wistful and sunshiney album of 60s-inspired pop with elements of 80s college rock jangle and even a little modern garage/Americana twang. Listen below and add Hey Summer to your Jeff Burke collection.

'Hey Summer' is available June 16 on Dirtnap.

Photo: Paige Young