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DJ Khaled, Rihanna and Bryson Tiller’s "Wild Thoughts" Video Is Balmy Paradise

Their collab is out, complete with heavy Carlos Santana sampling and visuals that look slick with coconut oil and sweat.

When you woke up this morning, did you think what you were missing was DJ Khaled screaming "WE THE BEST MUSIC" over Carlos Santana's guitar noodling? Did you perhaps feel an emptiness in your heart that could only be filled by the image of Rihanna, decked out in warm tones, gold jewellery and an off-the-shoulder crop that puts all your recent gingham "cold shoulder" tops to shame? Did you feel you needed a millionth Song of the Summer contender? Then you're in luck. DJ Khaled just decided to put out the visuals for his "Wild Thoughts" single, featuring both Rih and Bryson Tiller.


Now, normally a Khaled song wouldn't be that much cause for alarm. The producer's on the campaign trail at the moment with an album due out, and seems to be constantly hyping up or teasing another collaboration. But this is one that manages to squeeze in appeal for both the young kids and the mums who blasted Supernatural, that major crossover Santana album, at BBQs. And that's because "Wild Thoughts" very heavily samples Santana's "Maria Maria" single – depending on how old you are, that's either going to make you do a quick search to remind yourself who the vocalist was (The Product G&B, you're welcome) or immediately open up whichever app you use to listen to music and play Supernatural in full for the rest of the day.

In any case, get into the video above, featuring Rih, Khaled, Tiller and – of course – a cameo from DJ Khaled's adorable son, Asahd.

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