MLB Auctioning Jersey Hunter Strickland Wore When He Punched Bryce Harper

Update: After this post was published, MLB pulled the jersey from the auction.
June 7, 2017, 10:21pm
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Have you ever wanted to own the sweat-soaked game-worn shirt of a reliever whose sole claim to fame will be punching another, more talented baseball player? Well, has Major League Baseball got a deal for you!

MLB's auction site currently has several items worn by San Francisco reliever Hunter Strickland during the Giants Memorial Day weekend series with the Washington Nationals, including the jersey he was wearing when he threw a pitch at Bryce Harper for something nearly three years ago, narrowly avoided death by flying helmet, and then punched Harper in the face. It's currently going for the absurd price of $1,500. Its import is even listed in the listing's heading:

Ejected from the game after fighting with Bryce Harper - (size 48)

Among the other things you can buy is the hat that Bryce Harper punched shortly after Strickland punched him—all for a cool $391. You cannot bid on Bryce Harper's helmet, however. Presumably because no one's been able to find it yet.

MLB, aghast at such a violent display, suspended Harper and Strickland four and six games, respectively. Harper indicated he was going to appeal that decision and his was reduced to three.

Update, June 8, 2017: At the request of Major League Baseball, this auction has been pulled from the site. According to ESPN, the league was unaware that the Giants were putting the jersey up for sale and once it found out, MLB asked the team to take it down.