[Premiere] Let a Dancing Baby Creep You Out in This Surreal Music Video

Artist Claudia Maté imagines an uncanny dreamscape featuring a gorilla-faced baby in dungarees for Goss’ song “Soo Bad.”
June 22, 2017, 2:48pm
Screengrab courtesy the author

A dancing gorilla-faced baby in dungarees falling down a toilet bowl is just one of the sequences that you'll encounter in the music video for Danish musician Goss' song "Soo Bad." The video is by London-based Spanish artist Claudia Maté and is awash with surreal sequences. Other scenes find a gorilla-baby sitting with its mom and a blonde-haired woman in a red dress— a possible self-portrait of Maté. They dance like the meme "Baby Cha Cha" to the synthy future-pop of Goss' track, travel around on a flying horse, chill out around a laptop while the mom writes code, and hang out in various dreamscapes that disintegrate into one another.

Asked what it's about, Maté responded, "Dreams of a little monkey with her imaginary mom. I prefer to keep the idea open to different interpretations, the concept is very abstract and it would lose the magic if you explain it."

Goss says the song is about the fanatical nature of being with someone you adore. "To me being in love is like a positive mental illness," he explains. "You become this weird version of yourself. The song is about being obsessed. About wanting someone so much." Maté interpreted that but in her own, unique way.

Maté's Instagram is full of snippets of her provocative and surreal creativity, pieces that hint at the subcultures and strangeness of the internet. Images that tap into the uncanny sheen of 3D modeling, merge the human with the animalistic, are both weird and humorous. This video is an extension of that aesthetic via the narrative of the song. "I've kept the love story but translated it to another context," notes Maté.

Watch the video below:

"Soo Bad" is taken from Healthcare, the debut EP by Goss which is out now on. You can stream or buy it here. Check out more of Claudia Maté's work at her website and on Instagram.


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