Idris Elba Might Have Confirmed His Bond Casting With a Cryptic Tweet

Don't play with us Idris.
Image via @idriselba

You guys this might actually be happening. The internet’s boyfriend, actually wait, no the internet’s stable-long term partner, might actually be the next James Bond.

Speculation has been percolating for a while, with fans and observers pressing for Idris Elba to become the first non-white actor to play 007.

Yesterday The Wire actor Tweeted, “my name’s Elba, Idris Elba.” With a selfie that looks like every piece of digital art you made in year 11.


Immediately fans took it as a pretty clear indication that something was up. Not even when he followed it up a few hours later with: “Don’t believe the HYPE…”

Some even suggested this murky denial was a further hint. Wondering if perhaps the HYPE may be a new criminal organisation in the Bond universe.

The next — hopefully Ira-filled — Bond film is set to be released in November 2019.

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