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Sex Assault Charges Against Mustafa Ururyar Will Be Dropped

The York University student’s guilty verdict was overturned due to the trial judge’s unorthodox ruling.
Manisha Krishnan
Toronto, Canada
December 12, 2017, 9:30pm

York University grad student Mustafa Ururyar will not be facing a re-trial for allegedly raping fellow York PhD student Mandi Gray.

Ururyar was convicted of sexually assaulting Gray in July 2016, but that decision was overturned this past July in part due to the trial judge’s unorthodox guilty verdict, which included excerpts of feminist readings.

According to CBC News, Ururyar will agree Wednesday to a peace bond and the charges against him will be dropped. As part of the peace bond, he will agree not to contact Gray.

Peace bonds are not admissions of guilt. However, if a person breaks the conditions of the their peace bond, they could face jail time.

Gray tweeted Tuesday that she was happy for the ordeal to soon be over.

“Punishing the dude will not solve misogyny or rape. It will not un-rape me. Even if he is convicted again - in his mind - he is a martyr for the wrongfully accused. I got better & bigger things to do,” she wrote. “I never needed any man or judge to tell me I was raped. I reported for the sole purpose of returning to campus. THAT IS IT. That was my sole objective and it has been achieved.”

Ururyar allegedly raped Gray in the early morning hours of January 31, 2015, after the two, who’d been casually dating at the time, had spent the night at a bar.

While sentencing Ururyar to the maximum of 18 months in jail for summary sex assault, trial judge Marvin Zuker described rape as "murder of the soul." He also took the extra step of ordering Ururyar to pay $8,000 towards Gray's legal fees.

Superior Court Justice Michael Dambrot later overturned the conviction, noting Zuker "spent a lot more time talking about the rape myths than the evidence.”

Disgraced CBC host Jian Ghomeshi signed a peace bond to resolve the sexual assault charge against him involving his former colleague Kathryn Borel.

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