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Harry Styles Covered Fleetwood Mac, Wants You to Know He's a Real Rockstar

He gave his best "The Chain" for BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge Month.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
Imagen vía el Twitter de BBC Radio 1

For those of you not familiar (which, fair enough to be honest), there's a song on Harry Styles' debut album Harry Styles called "Sweet Creature." From its opening acoustic guitar riff, you'd be forgiven for thinking that—instrumentally at least—it was a long lost Fleetwood Mac album cut, rather than a song written by (for?) the heir apparent of the British music industry.

Basically what I'm trying to say is: Harry Styles fucking loves Fleetwood Mac, and because of this, he would like you to know that actually, he is a Real Musician. Case in point: a few months ago, he was joined onstage in Los Angeles by no other than HWH (Her Witchy Higness, duh) herself Stevie Nicks, to perform her iconic song "Landslide," which earned him a number of "not bad, huh" points from dads everywhere (the real mark of Rock Approval). And now, his love affair with all things Fleetwood Mac has continued, as earlier today he covered "The Chain" for BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge Month, in which popstars cover the music of other popstars for the rest of us to enjoy.

Because it's Harry, he carries it off with immense charm, and you actually can't deny that he sounds great. It's kind of weird to think that the next huge British rockstar might be a young Mick Jagger lookalike who cut his teeth in a boyband, but by the looks of things, that is where we're headed. And if it sounds like Fleetwood Mac, then even better.

Watch a clip below, and see the BBC's roundup of his appearance here.

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