2 Chainz Is Playing in a Pink Wheelchair So He Doesn't Have to Miss His Tour

This is an inspirational story of the human spirit.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
Foto via 2 Chainz su Instagram

Do you think you know about dedication? About commitment? About passion? Well, unfortunately you don't know shit, you sometimes-staying-at-work-late-because-it-looks-good motherfucker, and 2 Chainz is proof.

About a week and a half ago, 2 Chainz broke his leg, and it was feared that he might have to cancel his tour as a result. But, that was never going to happen: he's 2 Chainz. Something as small as a debilitating physical injury that would have most ordinary humans laid up for weeks wasn't about to stop him from delivering his live show to the many fans who had looked forward to it, and it didn't stop him from doing it in style either.


Last night (August 9), he started off his tour in Tuscon, Arizona, appearing onstage in—what else?—a pink wheelchair, which, in true Pretty Girls Like Trap Music style, also has "TRAP" written on the back. It looks to be a staple over the course of his run, at least until he's a little better, and honestly it's a GOAT move that shows the love he has for his fans, and for what he does. In a very heartwarming Instagram post discussing his choice to use the chair on tour (see it in full below), he wrote:

So I broke my leg 11 days ago , and had surgery 10 days ago .. when I woke up from sedation the doctor told me " well looks like your gonna have to cancel your tour " so I told him maybe it means God wants me to use my mind and be creative ! So after all the morphine and pains meds wore off I called management and said somebody find me a " pink wheelchair " I can't let my fans down besides I'm passionate about this shit !!

Honestly next time you're feeling sorry for yourself, please just think of 2 Chainz. He kind of put it best himself: "If you look up resilient in the Webster dictionary it's gone be a picture of me rocking a fucking show in a pink wheelchair!!" Amen.

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