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Prince Now Has an Official Shade of Purple

As deemed by his estate and Pantone.
Richard E. Aaron / Getty Images

Prince was the Purple One for all his life, and will continue to be so unto eternity. Despite this legendary alias, it seems that no one had figured out which specific shade of purple was the most Princely until now. As Refinery29 reports, Pantone's Color Institute (in collaboration with the Prince estate) has unveiled a memorial shade of purple to memorialize Prince's contributions to fashion and culture. It's named after Prince's unpronounceable "Love Symbol" and it looks like this:


Apparently, this purple is inspired by Prince's Yamaha piano. It's truly wild that Pantone can claim a colour that likely already existed and just say it's Prince's, but who are we to complain? Well, although we don't know what he would have wanted, it's safe to assume that Prince himself would have found this whole thing pretty silly, and while this is well-meaning, it's yet another example of his closely guarded image and brand identity being spread out everywhere. It's something he didn't really do that much, save for partnering with Verizon in 2007. Anwyays, you can find more info about the colour on Pantone's site (sadly, there is no hex code yet).