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Young, Up-and-Coming Photographers Talk About Their Idols

VICE photo editor Elizabeth Renstrom describes why we chose the concept of "idols" as this year's photo issue on 'The VICE Magazine Podcast.'
Ellis Jones
London, GB
Photo by Tommy Kha

The VICE Magazine Podcast is your definitive monthly guide to enlightening information. Each episode brings in-depth interviews, sonically rich cultural insights, and a rare glimpse into how we make the issue.

August marks the release of our 16th annual photo issue. This year, for our Idols Issue, we paired 16 up-and-coming photographers with the veterans who inspired them, creating unique conversations between generations of talent.


Here's our table of contents:

• Throughout the episode, we hear from four young photographers in the issue on the artists who influence them: Tommy Kha on William Eggleston; Tasneem Alsultan on Maggie Steber; Maria Gruzdeva on Mark Power; and Jonathan Gardenhire on Leslie Hewitt.

• Photo editor Elizabeth Renstrom discusses our dual covers, describes why we chose the concept of "idols" as the theme, and recalls a photography mentor of her own.

Logan Jackson and his idol Roe Ethridge talk about re-contextualizing editorial work into art and about the beauty of getting it "exactly wrong" in photography.

Olivia Bee talks to her idol Doug DuBois about the importance of honesty in photography, from how a picture is made to how it's used.

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