Alabama Player Hilariously Walks Back Shit Talk About Oklahoma QB

Alabama defensive tackle Quinnen Williams stopped himself mid-sentence when he was about to drop a diss on Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray and pulled out of a nose-dive.
Alabama player Quinnen Williams pauses mid-sentence while talking about Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray.
Screenshot via Twitter / @BarrettSallee

For young players, the College Football Playoff is the first big taste of what it's like to be a pro. Sure, they're already unpaid professionals, but the level of national attention they receive during the playoff is akin to a big NFL game. It's a time when a player's will is tested on the gridiron. But, to a lesser-emphasized degree, their wills are also tested off the gridiron—by the press.

In an interview with a reporter, Alabama defensive tackle Quinnen Williams was asked about whether or not he's gone up against a quarterback similar to Oklahoma's Kyler Murray. It's an innocent question that could be interpreted as one about style of play and intensity, but Williams started down a shit-talking road and realized he didn't like the destination. So he pulled a tight little U-turn to get out of it:

With the game right around the corner—set for 8pm EST tomorrow—Williams was probably smart not to stir the pot too much. If this was Williams' first big test in a high octane PR environment, he passed with flying colors. A+