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Frank Ocean's Instagram Is No Longer Private

The @blonded account—followed by Frank's mum, Vegyn, and other friends & family—was private for ages. Now, it's not.
Frank Ocean's Instagram

Notoriously private superstar Frank Ocean has today become slightly less private. Frank's Instagram account—username @blonded—has been made public. Fans have believed the account to be Frank's since it emerged in 2017 and was followed by Frank's mum, as well as collaborators Buddy Ross and Vegyn.

Now, Frank has confirmed the rumours, posting a shirtless mirror selfie to his page with the caption "Welcome." Since the account was made public—roughly an hour ago—it has been inundated with follows and comments from fans, many of which, of course, are just variations on "I love you." And fair enough! Frank's intensely personal music has always been at odds with his complete lack of social media, aside from a barely used Tumblr account. Now we have weird selfies, Zendaya fan pics, and more. There's also a particularly interesting video featuring an alternate version of last year's "Provider." Listen to that below, and follow Frank's account here.

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